E-portfolio-Lengua Cartulina

Durante nuestro segundo trimestre en clase de lengua, leímos «El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba» y «Del amor y otros demonios» de Garcia Marquez. Luego de haber leído Cami nos dividió en grupos de a 5 y cada grupo debía presentar en una cartulina características De Latinoamerica.

Mis compañeros de grupo eran Francisco Montoya, Tomas Braun y Matias Ripoll. Nuestro grupo tenia que tratar con la característica de la pobreza en Latinoamerica.

Para empezar nosotros explicamos que en el 1950 Colombia y Latinoamerica vivian en pobreza. La Secretaria Ejecutiva afirmaba que 55% de la poblacion vivia en pobreza. De esta manera relacionamos la pobreza del coronel con la de toda latinoamrica. Finalmente, mostramos el porcentaje de la pobreza en Venenzuela que es el 80% y luego mostramos unas imagenes.

Este trabajo nos hizo darnos cuenta a mi y a mis compañeros de la cantidad de gente que vivia en la pobreza y como la vivian porque vimos las imagenes y los porcentages de la gente que vivia en este estado. Nos hizo reflexionar de lo importante que es tener la educacion para tener un futuro y lo afortunados que somos en no haber nacido en esas condiciones.

Yo relaciono este trabajo con nuestras visitas al hogar con el colegio. El hogar es una escuela donde vamos a visitar a estas chicas donde jugamos al quemado, a la mancha y otras cosas. Al ir por primera vez vi las cosas de otra manera. Yo un chico con buenas oportunidades para mi futuro gracias el colegio que me pagan mis papas, pude ver el otro lado de la moneda. Cosas que uno normalmente no esta enterado, cosas que te sorprenden. Gente que vive en una misma situación económica como yo nos quejamos de cosas tontas, cuando estas chicas por ejemplo sufrieron muchas mas cosas que nosotros y yo no las veo con mala cara. Ellas siempre nos reciben con una sonrisa y mucha alegría. Espero que esto,lo que les acabo de contar les ayude para darse cuenta de que uno debe apreciar las cosas que tiene, en vez de quejarse de lo que no.

Art as a form of creation-Second work Racism- E-Portfolio

Conflict: Racism against black people

Participants: White people and black people

White people: Throughout time white people have thought that they were superior. As time pass less white people had been thinking that, but nowadays there are still some white people that think black people are superior. They want black people out of «their country» or at least not near them or they going to the same schools as their children, the same ways of transport and everything that makes them cooperate or be near a black person.

Black people: Throughout time black people have been tourtour, discriminated, killed and hated by the hand of white people. At first black people were slaves, then as time pass, black people were given more privileges but still less than white people and they were still discrinated.


The main solution is to start changing the society showing to all people in esarth that racism is wrong and should not be done. If we teach well the children they won´t make the same mistakes we did, but we have to make sure they learn.

Moreover punish all people that are discriminating anyone. But not in a violent way we need to give them therapy so we know were does this hate come from.

Art as a form of creation-First work- E-Portfolio

Yesterday, each one of us show to their groups chosen by Pato the material we brought to class related to death and war. This material could be a photo, a video, a poem , an article or a drawing.

I brought a picture from a movie and a video which shows the scene in which this picture appears. The picture is from the movie atonement. In one of the scenes the protagonist Robbie is in Dunkirk where he is injured and exausted. While he was resting he dies and then his friend covers him with the first thing he found. This shows how bad war is. What is causes and how much damaged it can do.


https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GCEA_enAR820AR820&tbm=isch&q=atonement+robbie+death+images&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBsPDK_bziAhUvHbkGHfjuDW8QBQg7KAA&biw=1088&bih=526&dpr=1.25    (First image)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMEvsBeIL1g

We read a poem name «Soldiers, rest» in which it is about a soldiers who had been injured in battle and is suffering and he wants to rest, meaning he is ready to die as he can not keep on living. In my picture and video of the movie Atonement, where the main chartacter goes to sleep and dies.

One of my teamates had a similar idea, so he try to look for a photo of a dead soldier. He found a picture of a soldier helmet on top of a gun and another soldier showing respect. What it all symbolises is that the dead soldier is told when he is saluted by his fellow that he has already done his job and that he can rest now.

I relate this work with the novel «El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba» we read in Lengua. I relate how unfair the government in the poem and in the novel are. In the poem I think the government is unfair because, the people that started this war, the ones that take orders are not fighiting. Then the people that did not declare this war had to fight it for their country. In the novel the government does not give El Coronel his pensión. After being a militar all those years they can not give him his pensión for all his job. In both the poem and the novel the government affects the people.


Task 1: Watch the following video and take notes.

Task2: Make connections between the video and the text. Write the summary.

An e-portfolio is a way people can learn. If you are a student you can learn from your mistakes and have what you have learn in class. An E-portfolio is a colection of work that is recorded in an electronic format. E-perfolio is a new way people and be more organised so they can study. At first it isn´t that attractive but when you keep using it, it is pretty helpful.

Task3: Visit some blogs from the students who are in Senior 5 now. Check out their last year portfolios. Choose 3 students and say:

-what you like about their portfolio

-what is missing according to what you have read

I choose Margui Muller, Gonzalo Criniti and Juana Perez Muniz

Gonzalo: What I like of his portfolios is that he related his related the poems and stories and explain them very well but what I did not like about it was that he explain it but he did not anaylise it to much. He show some literary diveces for example but in total were very few.

Juana: Juana´s portfolio is very complete she anaylised very good the poems and the stories but I did not liked that she always use the same method which were good but I would like more if she had done other methods.

Margui: What I pay more attention of her portfolio was that she talk always very personally, meaning she always was giving her opinion and saying how she felt. But the thing is I do not know what is wrong as she always show what she thought and shown graphics and more. It is a very complete Portfolio. I may not agree in somthings she said but it was very well justified.

Lady in the looking glass-Questions


3)What kind of contrast is there between the objects inside the house and outside the house, as they are reflected in the mirror?

5)What are the known facts about Isabella’s outer self?

6)What material objects inside and outside the house does the narrator use to imagine Isabella’s life?

7)What are Isabella’s letters supposed to conceal, according to the narrator? What would one know if one could only read them?

9)In this story Woolf questions whether the inner self of an individual is finally knowable. What do you think is her conclusion? Provide support for your statement.

10)What do you think is the role of the mirror in the story? How has the mirror been used as a metaphor in literature?




The contrast that is generated through the mirror, between the garden and the interior of the house. its mainly the difference between the visually beautifullnes, that is to say a lot of green and the shades of colors. In addition to, the climate and the atmosphere. on the other hand there is the interior part of the house, which is in poor conditions. The house is described as old giving it a macabre and messy and chaotic touch. Besides, What history really wants to hire in addition to the garden and the interior of the house, is the feelings and what this woman shows to the people. that is to say that she really shows on the outside a reality that does not represent her, because inside she is distraught and sad.


The facts of Isabella´s outer self seen by the other in the story are not true. We as readers we are the only ones that know this as we can see what people think of her and how she really is feeling. They think about her happy life her gorgeous garden and her beauty. The thing is all these people can not see her inner self so they would never know how she feels. 


The narrator uses elements of the story such as flowers to describe Isabella’s life. Use, for example, «Her trance of immortality», «sunflowers», «white and violet roses». He explains how she is organized by how she picks flowers with her «thin summer dress». On the other hand in narrator, He mentions that she is rich due to all the trips she made and the amount of things she brought with her.

7) The narrator thinks that this letters are supposed to conceal Isabella true self. I someone could read them they will really understand Isabella´s feelings and experiences they could feel what she feels that is why they are very important as they can connect you with her.

9) The inner self of an individual to be knowable it is very complicated. In the story Isabella´s is a woman who pretends to be someone else. At that time women´s opinion was not taken into account. We can take this story as a way of criticizing the society rules and a way in which women want to express they should be free to listen and be able express themselves.


The role of the mirror in this story is to show the girl the true reality and on the other hand she shows her inside and outside of her feelings. The mirror is used to show Isabela what she really is, her reality. It can be said that it is a metaphor and what does it compare to the mirror with Isabella. We can say this since a mirror is an object and in this story Isabella is treated in the same way by society.



Ensayo de Lengua-Literatura Argentina

“Casa tomada”, cuento escrito por Julio Cortázar, es un texto que participa de la literatura argentina.

Julio Cortazar cuyos textos participan de de la literatura Argentina, ya que se puede ver aspectos en los cuales se muestran la pertenencia de sus textos en la literatura Argentina. En este ensayo daré argumentos en los cuales se demuestre porque uno de sus textos pertenece a la literatura Argentina.

A lo largo del texto se puede ver un acontecimiento histórico en nuestro país, el llamado peronismo. Esto muestra que el texto es parte de la literatura Argentina ya que habla de su historia. El nombre del texto «Casa tomada» y la historia son una metáforas en la cuales expresa que la época en que el peronismo estaba en poder, no era posible expresarse libremente. La historia trata de dos hermanos que viven en una casa la cual esta siendo tomada (la casa=libertad de expresión). Un ejemplo dado en el texto es la oración «Se puede vivir sin pensar» que muestra que el no podía manifestar sus pensamientos durante esta etapa política. Esto finalmente hizo que se vaya a vivir a Francia.

Luego dentro del texto se muestra que esta presente la cultura argentina. Por ejemplo el habito que tiene el personaje del texto a tomar mate. Un ejemplo del texto seria “Fui a la cocina, calenté la pavita, y cuando estuve de vuelta con la bandeja del mate le dije a Irene…” También se puede ver que en el texto se habla del peso que es la moneda argentina.

Por ultimo, la historia se situa en Buenos Aires la cual es la capital de argentina y  se habla de la calle Rodriguez Peña, esta en la ciudad de Buenos Aires “El comedor, una sala con gobelinos, la biblioteca y tres dormitorios grandes quedaban en la parte más retirada, la que mira hacia rodríguez peña”. También el texto esta escrito en español lo cual es una de los cosas básicas que muestran va a ser un texto latinoamericano o español. Después el escritor del texto Julio Cotazar nació en Bélgica con padres argentinos. Cuando tenia 4 años volvió a argentina. Al pasar el tiempo se considero y lo consideraron un escritor argentino.

En conclusión, «La Casa tomada» participa en la literatura Argentina debido a el lenguaje en el texto, a la historia argentina, a su cultura y a la ubicación en el texto, lo cual lo hace parte de la literatura Argentina