Crime Report-Oral

A student with autism has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for planting a homemade bomb on a London underground train during morning rush hour. Damon Smith, 20, constructed the rucksack bomb according to instructions in an online magazine linked to al-Qaida. Filled with ball-bearing shrapnel and using a £2 clock from Tesco as an improvised timer, the device did not go off. On Friday morning, he smiled in the dock at the Old Bailey in London as the judge, Richard Marks QC, sentenced him to 15 years in a young offender institution, with an extended period of five years on licence. Marks said although Smith had an interest in Islam, he was not motivated by terrorism. Smith has Asperger syndrome and had a keen interest in weapons, which might have been connected to his condition, the jury was told during his trial. He was also interested in gambling and Islam, and had collected photos of extremists, including the ringleader of the 2015 Paris attacks.
In my opinion this is an example of a devastated future we will have if we do not stop Islam. That’s why I think that powerful countries like Usa, China and Russia should stop this threat.

Writing skills test

Two persons were seriously injured in a collision ata a junction, in Callao and Quintana, yesterday morning evening.

Mercedes Otamendi, 27, was driving a red Nissan cherry. It was raining a lot and she wasn’t wearing her glasses. When the green light turned to red she didn’t see it. Then some people startedshouuting at her, to make her stop. Then she suddenly realized that she was going to crash into a delivery van if she didn’t slow down. She tried to stop the car but she lost control and she crashed into it  hurting the owner of the van. Now Mercedes is in comm at the hospital Aleman as well as the owner of the van Marcos Demichelis, 29, who is treated with head and leg injuries.

Here we have an old man that witnessed the acident. »I think that the woman should not drive any more.

Girl strangled near an asylum

Today morning a 21 years old girl was murdered. The body of the young woman was found in a ditch near the asylum. »County home for mental defectives.»

Juana Demichelis was riding her bike when she was killed. The body was identified with marks on her neck. The testimony given by a police officer affirmed that the injuries on the girl’s neck were from a man.

Tomorrow the doctors will make the autopsy to the body. Besides, according to what doctor Crawford told us, tonight they will reveal what happened to the victim’s parents.

This afternoon the teen ager who found the assassinated woman told us: »I was shocked, the body was in terrible conditions, she had been strangled I believe that the murderer is the same as the one who assassinated a girl of the same age years ago. The killer was an old man, called Ochio Arthur Love day.»


The haunted house

It was a cloudy night. John and Alice two twins of 16 years old, were lost in the middle of the forest and looking for this town or a place to sleep. Then they saw an old and strange house.

When they were going to knock the door, it opened itself with a terrific and weird laugh. The two of them were very scared. When they entered to the house, a witch came from nowwhere and teleported them to a cage. Then the witch started to boil water to eat them while this happened the twins were trying to escape.

When they escaped from the cage they ran but the witch stop them and made a spell turning Alice into a rut and John into a furious cat that love to eat rats. But the bad part is that John´s memory was erased by the witch. So from now on John will chase Alice for the rest of there lifes.

Since then John is trying to eat his sister Alice. If you go to the forest in Orlando next to Disney you can still see them.