Language Test

1)It was cold night, it was below 10 degrees. This woman was working late. Suddenly she remembered that she had forgotten his phone at work. She really didn’t need it, but something in her told her to go back. She realized that there was an unconscious man on the side of the road. She help him and save him. When they were at the hospital the doctor told her that if she had arrived 10 minutes later this man would have been dead.




  • Past simple: “I really didn’t need it.”
  • Past perfect: “If I hadn’t forgotten”
  • Past continuous: “I was working late”
  • Conditional type 3: “If I had found you ten minutes later, it would have been to late”


Summary The Gold Cadillac:

The Gold Cadillac is a story of a African family who lives in USA. This family live during the years of discrimination in America. The members of this family are Wilbert (the father), Dee (the mother), Wilma (the older sister) and Lois (the younger sister) who is the narrator of the story. At the begging of the story Wilbert, had just bought a new Gold Cadillac with money the family was saving to buy a new house. Wilma and Lois loved it but, Dee, was very unhappy about this decision that Wilbert made. At first she refused to ride in the car but then she finally gives up and she ride in the car with the whole family. They decide to head down south to visit their relatives in Mississippi. On the way there, people give them dirty looks because African Americans, so they were not supposed to own any type of fancy cars. Then, a a policeman pulls them over and accuses the father of stealing the car and arrest him. Moreover, Wilbert is finally released and the family goes on with the trip, but with a different car in order to avoid being arrested again or having any other problems.

News Report

News Report:


     Frightening tragedy struck in Mexico City, on Tuesday, on the anniversary of a devastating 1985 earthquake that killed which killed about 10,000 people. At 2:14 pm Eastern time. The US Geological Survey reported a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter some 100 miles away from the Mexican capital, near Puebla.


     Thirty-two buildings collapsed in the city; 52 people have been rescued alive. On Wednesday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto declared three days of national mourning for the victims. But the impact of this tragedy is likely to span weeks and months, if not years. Gas leaks were reported, along with «piles» of rubble from collapsed buildings. Stock prices declined at the Mexican Stock Exchange but recovered before trading was suspended  Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the national electric utility, reported that 4.68 million customers lost power in Guerrero, Morelos, Puebla, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, and Mexico City roughly 32% of the company’s customers in those states. However, none of the generating stations in the region sustained structural damage. Mexico City International Airport suspended operations while damage assessments took place, but reopened at 4:00 p.m. 180 flights were cancelled or diverted during the closure. A plane carrying President Enrique Peña Nieto, returning from touring damage in Oaxaca from the earlier Chiapas earthquake, was diverted to Santa Lucía Air Force Base. Mexico City Metro service was temporarily cancelled on several subway lines due to a power failure, but restored by 17:30, offering free service to stranded passengers. Building evacuations also caused delays to Metrobús service in the city.

     217 people had been reported killed. At least 71 people were killed in the state of Morelos, 86 in Mexico City, 43 in Puebla, 12 in the State of Mexico, four in the state of Guerrero and one in the state of Oaxaca. In Mexico City, 22 of the fatalities occurred at the Enrique C. Rébsamen school, where the bodies of 26 students and four instructors were pulled from the rubble; 30 students and 8 adults were still unaccounted for as of the evening of 19 September.


In conclusion, this earthquake took the lives of 217 people and left many others with no home. It devastated the country and produced fear to the Mexican citizens. It is definitely one of the worst tragedies this country has ever been through.

Language- an eye for an eye


1- Adamant

2- Blind

3- Witness Boxes

4- Frying Pan

5- Dole

6- Forensic Medicine

7- Socket

8- Prosecutor Scientist

9- Aquittal

10- Manslaughter

11- Brief

12- Strychnine

13- Axe

1-Plea of not Guilty: A defendant’s answer to the declaration made by the plaintiff in a civil action.
2- Manslaughter: The unlawful killing of one human being by another without express or implied intent to do injury.
3- Plaintiff: A lawyer or group of lawyers giving legal advice and especially conducting a case in court.
4- Counsel: The party that institutes a suit in a court.
5- Barrister: It refers principally to a British trial lawyer.
6- Instructing Solicitor: An attorney who is not a member of the bar and who may be heard only in the lower court’s.
7- Chambers: A suite of rooms, especially one used by lawyers to consult privately with attorneys or hear cases not taken into court.
8- Motive: An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action.
9- Evidence: The documentary or oral statements and the material objects admissible as testimony in a court of law.
10- Proof: The result or effect of evidence ; the establishment or denial of a fact by evidence.

M: Hello Mrs.Banks, my name is Matthew Roberts and I am going to be your defence counsel. To start with, I want you to be ready to answer correctly the prosecution’s accusations.

B: Hi Sir Matthew, yes, I am ready because as I told you I am totally innocent. Now we can continue.

M: To begin with, I am going to ask you a simple question, Have you ever killed someone Mrs Banks?

B: As I had told you before, I am a blind and powerless, so it is impossible that I could killed any human being or my husband if that you mean saying ‘’someone’’.

M: The police told us that the crime was committed at the same time you were at the hospital. This can be a clue that you may have killed your husband or not??

B: As I answer a couple of times, how a blind woman could have killed her husband? I am telling you the truth, I am innocent, please trust me.

M: So, how can you explain why they were your hairs in the axe who was used to kill Bruce??

B: I used that axe to make the work on the farm, it was a gift I am going to give him later.

M: Another question, and how can you explain, why did they found your blood on Bruce t-shirt?

B: You can really understand why it was my blood on it. Despite the fact Bruce hurt me, I cut my finger while I was cutting the wood 2 days before Bruce died.

M: I’m sorry madam but I don’t trust you. With all these clues I’m sure that you are relative with your husband murdered.

B: I can not believe that you think I’m the killer. I’m blind for christ sake! Don’t you understand that I did not kill my husband.

M: Okay I will believe you if you prove that you are blind.

B: Okay, but if i’m right you leave this house and never come back.

M: Fair enough. First test: (Mathew point a glass of water to her head and he throw it.)

B: What are you doing, was that!!

M: Okay. Second test: (mathew grab a knife and throw it next to her head)

B: No, Stop! Stop doing this!

M: Why would I?

B: Because this is insane!

M: Sorry but I don’t care. Third Test: (Mathew a drawer and grab an envelope with money, he put it in his pocket and tells…) Well Mrs Banks I have to admitted, I was wrong. You are blind. Have a nice day.

B: Wait a second Mr. Why do you have my money!?

M: The real question is; How do you know that I have your money?

Diary entry

March the 20th – At ten o’clock Matthew and Hugh entered the room. They started asking questions to prepare her for when she is in the court, So this questions wiill be  maybe ask in the court. To start most of the questions were if I killed my husband or know if someone didi it. But me as always denying and saying that I do not have any idea about it.  I was trying to convince them that i was blind ,but they did not want to believe that I was blind. They were sure that I killed my husband and they were right. But I still deny and evade any accusation. I was scared but I had to control my self so I could look convince. Then Hugh took his fake eye out of his socket and I could not resist the disgust that I felt in that moment. Then they knew that I was not blind because I was paying attention to the fake eye and then they will try to convinced the justice that it was all an accident


Passive Voice – Tutorial

In class Pilar give as a homework, that we had to  look for a video which explained Passive Voice and give example



Tense Active Passive
Simple Present
Once a week, Tom cleans the house.
Once a week, the house is cleaned by Tom.
Present Continuous
Right now, Sarah is writing the letter.
Right now, the letter is being written by Sarah.
Simple Past
Sam repaired the car.
The car was repaired by Sam.
Past Continuous
The salesman was helping the customer when the thief came into the store.
The customer was being helped by the salesman when the thief came into the store.
Present Perfect
Many tourists have visited that castle.
That castle has been visited by many tourists.
Present Perfect Continuous
Recently, John has been doing the work.
Recently, the work has been being done by John.
Past Perfect
George had repaired many cars before he received his mechanic’s license.
Many cars had been repaired by George before he received his mechanic’s license.
Past Perfect Continuous
Chef Jones had been preparing the restaurant’s fantastic dinners for two years before he moved to Paris.
The restaurant’s fantastic dinners had been being prepared by Chef Jones for two years before he moved to Paris.
Simple Future
Someone will finish the work by 5:00 PM.
The work will be finished by 5:00 PM.
Simple Future
be going to
Sally is going to make a beautiful dinner tonight.
A beautiful dinner is going to be made by Sally tonight.
Future Continuous
At 8:00 PM tonight, John will be washing the dishes.
At 8:00 PM tonight, the dishes will be being washed by John.
Future Continuous
be going to
At 8:00 PM tonight, John is going to be washing the dishes.
At 8:00 PM tonight, the dishes are going to be being washed by John.
Future Perfect
They will have completed the project before the deadline.
The project will have been completed before the deadline.
Future Perfect
be going to
They are going to have completed the project before the deadline.
The project is going to have been completed before the deadline.
Future Perfect Continuous
The famous artist will have been painting the mural for over six months by the time it is finished.
The mural will have been being painted by the famous artist for over six months by the time it is finished.
Future Perfect Continuous
be going to
The famous artist is going to have been painting the mural for over six months by the time it is finished.
The mural is going to have been being painted by the famous artist for over six months by the time it is finished.
Used to
Jerry used to pay the bills.
The bills used to be paid by Jerry.
Would Always
My mother would always make the pies.
The pies would always be made by my mother.
Future in the Past
I knew John would finish the work by 5:00 PM.
I knew the work would be finished by 5:00 PM.
Future in the Past
Was Going to
I thought Sally was going to make a beautiful dinner tonight.
I thought a beautiful dinner was going to be made by Sally tonight.