Eportfolio Lady in the looking glass-questions

After reading the story «Lady In The Looking Glass Pato told us to do some questions she assign us that were in her blog.

This is Pato’s blog here you will find the questions and this are our anwers I did with Francisco Montoya. Pato makes us do this questions so we could revise the story and be prepared for the term test.

In this group work, I felt that I could organise the work between both of us I notice sometimes I can be very annoying when I am telling someone what to do, hopefully I noticed it so I can change it. We worked together pretty well and we could finish our work and we were happy with the result.

I relate this story with another story we read some years ago named «The prison». In this story the main character feels a prisoner of his own mind so he can not take desicions for himself, which made his life very miserable and no one knows how he really is feeling. I relate this with «The Lady in the Looking Glass» questions as in this we talk about how the main character looks as person that has a perfect life with a perfect graden, but she doesn’t. AS no one really know her they don’t know she is not enyoing his life as the character of «The Prison» Tommy.


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