A leave taking Eportfolio

In our literature class we divided in pairs. I worked with Ramiro Aizpiri and we both and analyse the poem «A leave taking»

This is our presentation.

Apart from analysing the poem we had put the biography of the author in the presentations. This work consists in making us work together so we can share ideas and help each other in the subject. This also help us to see another point of view when you read the poem.

As I have said before working in groups help and I think is an excellent idea to make us do it. Moreover I can see that not always everyone will think the same us a I do. Working in groups not only shows that, it also shows the things that I am good at and the ones I am not. For example drawing, my partner Ramiro was the one that did the drawings as I am not good at it but I could give him ideas. I also saw that I could understand poems easier than before. This year, I do not think this is difficult as in other years, now I feel confortable and relax with this type of works.

I associate this poem with the story «The destructors». In this poem some of themes are sadness and depression. But the thing that makes me relate the poem to «The Destructors» is the character named Trevor. This character has a sad and depressive life but no one knows about it. In the war his lost his house and family and that is why he is full of bad energy. I relate the pain Trevor feels with the one the narrators feel too.

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