Eporfolio Drawing Lady In the Looking Glass

After reading in class the story the Lady In The Looking Glass which deals with the inner and outer self. In the story it is shown how different both are, how people assumes that if a person has a perfect life with a wonderful place to live they are always happy and have a perfect life. So Pato gave us a drawing of a mirror that did not have anything on it. She told us too write or draw how we saw our selfs.

I think it was a good excersice to stop to think how we are feeling and what is stopping us from being happy. It is a good activity because most of the times people usually try avoid what is making them feel bad, so stop and thinking how to solve it is great idea. In my case it really served as I was going through some stuff. Luckily this activity made me reflect on what was going on in me and luckily I could solve it with the people I was having trouble with. I would recommend this activity because for me was really helpful.

I relate this excersice with my first espiritual retires with my school were I could open and talk with my classmates without fearing they would critize me or judge. In this retire I could talk about the things that were making me feel bad, like this excersice that make me ralize what wa sgoing on in me.

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